Lesson on applique in the 2nd junior group on the theme autumn -. , — .
Leaves fell, fell, fell... Autumn leaves are perhaps the most popular material for crafts. Child
Application of fruits and vegetables for children of different ages according to step-by-step instructions (85 photos)
September 2022 is just around the corner, and soon competitions will begin in schools and kindergartens
Lesson summary for the application “Rug of geometric shapes”
Open lesson on fine art in the middle group “Rug for a doll” Diana Ibragimova Open lesson
Step-by-step assembly of a chair for a dollhouse using the origami technique
Abstract of OOD on design using a mechanical designer. Topic: “Cafe furniture”
Armchair Among the pieces of paper origami furniture for children, the armchair occupies a special place. It
Notes for the younger group. Drawing.Theme Draw an APPLE
Notes on drawing “Ripe, red, pouring apple” with children of the younger group Svetlana Melnikova
Abstract. Paper applications with drawing elements. “Where does the Motherland begin?” Preparatory group
One of the youngest public holidays is Russia Day, which is celebrated on June 12. IN
Introduction to the natural world. First junior group (from 2 to 3 years old)
Introduction to the natural world. First junior group (from 2 to 3 years old) Introduction to
Exercises to develop the articulatory apparatus
Speech therapy notes for classes with children in the younger group
How to recognize disorders and when to contact a speech therapist? The list presented above is general in nature,
Lesson notes for the second junior group “Little Christmas tree”
Theme of the week “Pets” Lesson 17. Pig and kitten (Colored paper. Collective application from
Summary of a lesson on speech development “Journey to the Magic Forest” middle group (children age 4-5 years)
Summary of educational activities on speech development “Spring has come” for children of the middle group
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