Lesson on speech development in the second junior group. Sound culture of speech. Repetition of the poem “Horse” by A. Barto. Working on the “I” sound.
Classes on speech development in the second junior group of kindergarten. Lesson plans (3 pages)
Children's theater clubs
Theater clubs for teenagers: admission conditions, selection, lesson program, teachers, reviews
Children's theater clubs in Moscow Bebeshka.info » Clubs and sections in Moscow » Children's
Summary of dominant music lesson
Summary of a dominant music lesson with children of the senior group “Feelings and moods in music.”
Music classes in kindergarten Classes are divided into individual, subgroup and frontal, in
It is sometimes very difficult to get up in the morning. There are also special exercises for this that will help you recharge your energy for the whole day. Because otherwise we are overcome by drowsiness, weakness prevents us from concentrating and doing necessary things. For different diseases, there is a different set of morning exercises for a good start to the day.
Gymnastics complex for waking up after a nap in the senior group
Morning exercises for various diseases To feel ready for active actions all day long,
Notes on drawing lessons in an early age group
Preview: Summary of an individual lesson on visual activities with a young child Development of functional
Catalog of articles – Interregional Center for Continuing Education “Luch”
Features of a child with ODD level I, ODD level II. Alalia (organization of RPPS, working methods)
Poems about autumn for a reading competition for grades 4-5
All-Russian reading competition “I’ll tell you about autumn in poetry...”
Reading competition in kindergarten on the topic: Autumn Reading competition in kindergarten. Scenario
QUEST GAME WITH ELEMENTS OF HEALTH-SAVING TECHNOLOGIES “IN SEARCH OF HEALTH” for children of the senior group material (senior group)
Kazan educational portal Health quest game “In Search of the Petals of Health” with children of the preparatory group Goal.
Thematic control “Environmental education of preschool children” material
Implementation of the environmental work system in preschool educational institutions Materials for the thematic control “Ways to implement the environmental system
“Game activity of preschool children in the context of the implementation of the Federal State Educational Standard before.” Presentation
Organization of play activities for preschoolers in the context of the introduction of the Federal State Educational Standard for Education. — presentation Organization of gaming activities
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